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Learn the benefits of cycling!


Looking for a new workout routine? Trying to jumpstart your fitness schedule? Try Cycling! Give Cyclists Room has everything you need to start your cycling routine today! 


There has been a recent push to get people healthy and moving again. With obesity and high and ever increasing, more people are looking for ways to get back in shape and start feeling healthy and happy again. Moving toward a healthier lifestyle is great, but what sport should you take up? Well there is much talk about the pros and cons of cycling but one fact is undeniable: Cycling is just plain good for you.

Here are some of the reasons you should get off your couch and on your bike:

1. Burn Calories! Cycling can help you burn calories and lose body fat. Here is an example: If you are a a ten-stone woman, an hour of cycling can burn around 380 calories. So, if you ride your bike to and from work for 15 minutes each way, you are likely to burn off 11 pounds of fat in one year.


2. Become Part of the Fit Population. According to a recent study performed by the Department of Transport, even those who are currently not working out at all can become fit in nearly no time at all. If you were to start cycling today, you could move from the third of the population who are deemed least fit, to the fittest half in just three months.

3. Less Pollution. There is no need to worry about inhaling those fumes while cycling to work. In fact, a recent study showed that those who cycle or walk to work absorb fewer pollutants than those who drive to work.

4. Let off some steam! Expend some of that energy by cycling. If you were to cycle 20 miles per hour at a fairly vigorous speed, it would be the equivalent of running over 5 miles. You’d also likely burn somewhere in the vicinity of 620 calories.

5. Tone Up. Cycling is known to strengthen and tone muscles, especially those in the lower half of the body such as the thighs, calves and buttocks.

6. Lose Weight. With all of the calories being burned, you are likely to lose weight while cycling.

7. Improve Your Heart Health. Cycling is a great cardiovascular workout and can do wonders to kep the blood pumping in your body. Ward off heart related issues and take the pressure off your heart by cycling.

8. Improve Coordination. Cycling is a unique form of exercise in that all limbs of the body are required to move in different directions at the same time. This can help significantly improve coordination and not just during cycling but in everyday activities as well.

9. Reduce Stress. Cycling can be a huge stress reliever and can help eliminate strain and pressure. It is a great way to ensure positive mental health.

Build up your stamina with cycling! Start slowly and gradually increase more difficult terrain and longer routes. Start on your journey to a healtheir lifestyle today with cycling!


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Hannah Watts

Give Cyclists Room had all of the information I needed to start my journey to a healthier lifstyle. I just started cycling and I love it! I’ve lost weight and I feel healthier. Thank you, Give Cyclists Room!

Evan Fisher

I have been cycling for over 15 years and love it! I’ve always been a fitness enthusiast but as soon as I started cycling I knew it was the sport for me. Give Cyclists Room always has the latest information!

Corey Whitehouse

Give Cyclists Room always has the latest updates and information I need to stay on top of my cycling. I’ve been cycling for a few years and do not think that I will ever stop. Its a great workout!